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Don’t let the honeypots, hard bounces and non-valid emails mess with your email deliverability. Validate, verify & clean your email list in real-time.
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More than 10000 multi-sized business trust us with our real-time email validation services.

Why Is Email Address Verification So Important?

If you send emails to such addresses, the ratio of bounce-back emails will increase significantly. This bounce-back negatively impacts your mail server reputation, which is constantly monitored by Yahoo, Gmail, and other ISPs. If your IP address develops a poor reputation, it may get blacklisted.

Email address verifier, or email checker, is a tool that can clean your email list from temporary or invalid emails.

up to 98.5%
Avoid of disposable, bounces, risky, or catch-all email addresses. Up high your future emailings to the next level.
Increase ROI of your email campaigns
Carry out your working time just with a real clients. Stop throwing money away on bad or spammy email addresses.
Protect your domain reputation score
Honey pods and hard bounces worsen your email reputation. Escape of them so that your letters don’t end up in spam places.
Best Pricing
Get unlimited access to all functions of the service at the best price. Start use the same service without losing the quality of your verification process.

Our key features

Duplicate email remover

We remove duplicates and bad syntax at no cost.


Removes emails with high-risk keywords or sketchy TLD.


MTA validator checks whether an MTA has a valid MX record.


Our Email Validator API allows you to verify email addresses.


Proofy can successfully mark all of the emails containing invalid domains like spam etc.


Proofy can clean your database from addresses with syntax errors. You don’t have to do it manually.


Validate a single email immediately. Use a simple form inside the admin panel for fast testing.


Define hard bounces, bad emails, and invalid emails using an SMTP check.

Disposable email

Our software identifies temporary email accounts that are used to mask real email addresses.

Free Bulk

Free bulk trial plan with 200 credits. If you need more you can earn more with our program.


Upload a mailing list to speed up bulk cleaning. You can use our API, or Bulk validation with File.

MX record

Validates MX records on existence for every mail address and mail server records in the DNS.

Free Email

Our Tool integrates with Mailchimp, Hubspot, Jotforms and other leading platforms

Role email

Detects role-based emails that are not for personal use and that hurt your inbox deliverability.


When you need good support you can ask our chat and we provide for you best decision.

download options

We give you the option to download only the results you want with custom downloads options.


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According to our latest tests, the bounce rate for emails that have received a “valid” status after email verification with is only 1.72%. With our email checker, you can maintain an average deliverability of up to 98%.

In free trial account, You can verify upto 200 bulk. Free Trial allows to test test out our validation platform. If you want bulk email validation, you can always upgrade to on of our paid plans.

Mailveteran allows to Validate emails with upto 99% accuracy. You can Filter recipients emails for Valid, Invalid, Catch-all status, Role account, Role Account, Disposable Account, Syntax Error, Spam Trap, and Abuse Email Verifier
Mailveteran tool integrates directly with Leading Email Marketing Platforms including Mailchimp, Hubspot, Jotforms, Typeform, etc. You can directly import your email list from these platforms and export your verified emails Back from the bulk email validator.
Mailveteran Mail Merge allows you to verify Email directly in Gsheets by using API without the need of sharing your recipient email data with our servers.

By using Mailveteran email verifer you can verify most email addresses, including custom domain emails, and email providers including gmail, hotmail

Yes, you can! Our bulk email verifier is available in the app or as an API. Bulk email address verification can be performed right in the email verifier tool: simply upload your list or find emails with our Email Finder tool and start email list verification.

Absolutely. After all, your goal is to avoid sending emails to invalid addresses. You shouldn’t have to send any messages just to check your list. Our email checker upholds this and lets you verify an email address without sending a single email.

A valid email address is simply one that will receive emails. For instance, perhaps a subscriber signs up for your newsletter with their work email address. While they are still employed at the company, the address is considered valid. However, if they leave the company, that address may “go dead,” making it invalid. you may exercise by sending us an email at [email protected].